Vegan Protein Powder: Is It Good For You?

Do you know that without protein, humans may not survive? That's why health professionals and fitness instructors stress the significance of protein so much. Wait! Wait! You should stay moderate on fatty meat. It also clearly matters where you get your protein.

When it comes to protein, we prefer to get it from plants. Vegetarians and vegans, who may not get enough protein from whole foods, can benefit significantly from plant protein powder. Vegan Way 100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder is one of the staple ways to get enough protein in your diet.

Let's learn more about plant protein powder before coming to any conclusions.

What is plant protein powder?

To put it simply, plant protein is a protein supplement derived from plants. Protein sources such as soy, brown rice tempeh, peas, almonds, seeds, and more are typically blended together to create plant protein powder.

When compared to other protein sources, plant-based protein powder is preferable because it not only contains protein but also fibre, vitamins, and minerals. 

Types of plant protein powder

Just a few short years ago, soy was the sole option for plant-based protein powder. Fortunately, these days consumers can choose from a wide range of alternatives, including peas, brown rice, quinoa, hemp, and many others. Plant-based protein powder can be found in two forms: isolate and concentrate. The 8 top vegan protein powders and their nutritional characteristics are listed below.


Protein Source

Serving Size

Protein in Gm


Soy Protein

28 grams

22 grams

95 Calories 

Pea Protein

28 grams

21 grams

100 Calories 

Hemp Protein

28 grams

12 grams

108 Calories

Brown Rice Protein

28 grams

22 grams

107 Calories

Pumpkin Seed Protein

28 grams

18 grams

103 Calories

Sunflower Seed Protein

28 grams

13 grams

91 Calories

Chia Protein

28 grams

10 grams

50 Calories

Benefits of Plant Protein Powder

  • Easy Absorption: When compared to animal-based proteins like whey or casein, plant protein is much simpler for the body to digest.
  • Rich in Iron: Without a doubt, red meat is a fantastic Iron source, but we can't ignore the importance of pea protein, either. One serving of pea protein gives you 35% of the iron you need for the day.
  • Healthy Fat: Healthy fats are found in plant protein powder, which is important for vitamin absorption and other processes. Each serving of coconut protein powder is a good source of healthy fats.
  • Keeps full Longer: Protein powders made from plants have a lot of fibre. Fibrous supplements help you feel fuller for longer. Those who are on a weight-loss journey will find this to be very helpful.
  • Healthy Gut: Vegan protein powder helps you keep a healthy gut that has fewer organisms that cause disease. This keeps inflammation in the gut at bay and creates a healthy microbiome in the gut.
  • Boosts Metabolism: Plant-based protein powder has a lengthier digestion time compared to its animal-based version. Plant protein powder takes longer for your body to digest because it has a lot of fibre.
  • Calorie Control: Plant-based protein powder has fewer calories than animal-based protein powder, so you can eat twice as many vegetables as animal-based protein powder and only get half the amount of calories.                                

So, is it beneficial to you?

Protein powder derived from plants is a more eco-friendly and humane choice than its animal-based equivalents. When it comes to your digestive and cardiovascular systems, plant based protein powders are much superior.

You won't find a better vegan protein powder than Vegan Way's 100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder if you're ready to give it a try. This vegan plant protein powder has a 25.7g serving size and provides your body with all the amino acids it needs without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Their protein is produced from organic peas and brown rice and is certified organic.

The Bottom line

Vegan protein powders are an excellent way to get the protein you need without adding excess calories or sugar to your diet.