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World’s No 1 Vegan plant protein

Good taste and amazing results, Best vegan plant supplement.

Didn't receive the product

Nice protein

Wonderful product

I would like to let you know that it was a really awesome protein powder. Its taste was good and I believe it has provided me muscle strength as well for my workout.

Very good product

I love this product amazing results

100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder

100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder
Thakur Pushpendra Singh
Nice product

Best for vegetarians

Delicious goodness

Super convenient and delicious way to up the protein content of my daily meals.

Love the taste

Taste good, good amount of protein

100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder
Akarsh Radhakrishnan
An Absolute Star

A very good quality supplement. I really enjoy the creamy texture and flavour. Wish for you to introduce more flavours soon, maybe a mint chocolate? Vegan for the win!

100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder
Swastik Chakraborty
Awesome, tasty, the best

The tastiest and most probably the best vegan protein powder in India.

Taste is very bland

Bland Taste

100% Vegan Plant Protein Powder
14 pack

Not like as I expected and don't not got a shaker as well. Agents says lies.

Abt protine

I dhs is a bst plant based protein ..!!!

Very nice ,easily digested .

Yummy mocha

Yummy and i can see the difference in my energy levels 💯

Vegan Plant Protein Powder - Free Trial
Geetha Sharma
Awesome product

Awesome product


On the advice of a friend, I tried vegan protein for the first time. To be honest, I’m still getting used to the flavor because it’s so different from the milk and whey protein I’m used to. It makes me feel different and healthful as well. The flavor is fantastic, and the container makes it easy to keep it fresh and ready to use whenever I want.

Awesome experience

I was a little skeptical about this Vegan Protein because it was the first one I had tried, but it far exceeded my expectations. The flavor was spot on, with a smooth and well-balanced texture. It tasted like I was sipping a dessert because I added some banana, mango, and peanut butter.

This product works!

I’ve been enjoying amazing peace of mind and body since I started living a vegan lifestyle, but one thing I’ve noticed is that vegan diets lack good quality protein. And if it is present, it is not clean because it contains carbs and fats. As a result, I was in desperate need of a good vegan protein, so I purchased vegan way protein based on my faith in them. This product is excellent in terms of quality.

Awesome product

Vegan way protein powder is a plant-based supplement for men and women. It’s manufactured from plant-based resources that are naturally occurring. This vegan protein is made up of a superior blend of pea protein and brown rice protein. It’s also better than whey protein because it’s a completely vegan form of protein. Vegan protein is a wonderful way to be healthy, and I would recommend this product to everyone.